Our Philosophy

The Van Dyke Law Group’s guiding principle is to achieve justice for people who have been harmed by big business. Our unique approach to legal services focuses on your story, your injury, the result of that injury, and the reason why justice is due.

Our Method

Step 1: Discovering the Story

The first step in our method is to fully understand your story – your injury, the possible causes, and the responsible party. We use our own life experiences, our history with similar cases, and our extensive legal training and background to gain a deep, personal perspective of your unique situation.

Step 2: Convincing the other side

Once we fully understand your story, our focus shifts to convincing the other side that they have done injustice and that they must be responsible for the resulting damages. Our attorneys are highly trained and experienced in this step of the process, and we use proven methods such as expert witnesses and modern technology to their fullest.

In most cases, the proper use of expert witnesses is critical to achieving justice. Our group has broad experience in the effective use of experts in construction, engineering, architecture, environmental contamination, accident reconstruction, and professional and business standards and practices.

Our offices are wired with all the modern technology needed to effectively and efficiently handle your case. Video conferencing, a paperless case management system, and mobile technology connect our clients with resources across Nevada and California, allowing us to prevail against large law firms with endless resources.